The Roger Hatchuel Academy registrations are still open and we know that a lot of students are curious about how it all works. We are happy to say that The Alternative School for Creative Thinking has managed to send Romanian talent for several years to Cannes and have them experience the exclusive courses held by amazing & highly skilled teachers at the Roger Hatchuel Academy. We will let Mara Cristina, one of our beloved alumni, tell us more about how this school influenced and transformed her career path. She now describes herself as a brand fairy, sprinkling fairy dust all over brands, helping them reach their goal.

How did you feel when you found out you won the local Roger Hatchuel Academy contest?

A mix of surprise, curiosity, overwhelm, and fear. I didn’t think I will belong there.

What activities did you have during the academy?

We had speakers just for ourselves, which was awesome, so we had inspiring workshops and masterclasses every day. In the last few days, we went through the creative process of The Pop Up Agency and worked in teams on a brief. This part was so full of energy, enthusiasm, and action. There were also afternoon activities at the beach, a party or two, lots of fun and socializing.

What does Roger Hatchuel Academy mean to you?

One of those BIG experiences of my life. Confirmation of my knowledge and potential at that time. Now a reminder of the endless possibilities and potential of international teams, of how achieving the right energy in a group can create magic. A celebration for overcoming my fear and feeling of inadequacy

What was the best part of Roger Hatchuel Academy?

The people and having the opportunity to connect with them. And I am talking about everyone. My colleagues, the coordinators of the academy, the speakers, the Pop Up Agency team, Everyone was a blessing to meet. I would also say the feedback. Being in such a high-level academy was an opportunity to get honest feedback about my knowledge and capacity in the creative industry.

Do you recommend Roger Hatchuel Academy? If so, why?

I do. It is something special that can’t be easily described in words. It is an experience worth living. Something different than anything else. An opportunity for growth in a top, creative, supporting environment. It opens up your mind to a lot of possibilities and that is exactly what a young person might need.

Do you have any advice for the new applicants?

Be you, authentic, do your best & look at applications from previous years and different countries (find them on Youtube) so you can get an idea about the level of professionalism that you are supposed to achieve for this journey.

How has RHA influenced your life?

I used the tools I received there for so many years after. I am still using them in my activities. They are evergreen and super useful. I also use the confidence that I got out of that experience.

Has it changed your perspective on your career?

It opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities.

Top 3 skills you’ve improved

Teamwork, ideation, adaptability.

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