A pro-solutions think & feel tank for businesses and creatives in time of crisis

In the context of the corona pandemic, The Alternative School for Creative Thinking launches the #TalentBet platform on May 5th. The project aims to form a new class of creatives, a new hierarchy, based exclusively on talent and competence, and on the ability to react quickly and effectively to stress and crisis, by solving, guided by professionals, “up-to-date” briefs, offered by companies facing unprecedented situations.

#TalentBet will operate online, for groups of 12 creatives, who will work on 4-6 briefs, with digital meetings twice a week. The duration of the experiment will be 3 weeks. Depending on the evolution and interest of the industry, a new group can be formed in June.

The platform aspires to organize a team of brands that support task teams of creative young people ready to generate ideas and propose original solutions for businesses with challenges in times of crisis.

What’s in it for companies joining #TalentBet?

A clear head, a fresh eye, a diverse and fresh approach to the contexts generated by crisis, in general, proposals on how challenges can become business opportunities, new directions of relationship with audiences – in a key both kindful and down to earth. HR solutions are also an associated benefit, as involvement in TalentBet is an opportunity to recruit people who demonstrate creative intelligence, on briefs generated by these pandemic times.

What’s in it for creatives joining #TalentBet?

An up-to-date portfolio, on provocative briefs, with solutions that are reached following the guidance offered by an elite band. The opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, talent and impact in critical situations. For years, social briefs or “creativity saves humanity” briefs have been in vogue, often starting with fictional or minor situations. The current context finally gives them the chance to prove that their work is not surgery, but it can become just as important.

The MEALCHEMY personal branding platform will also be activated. Thus, #TalentBet competitors will receive personalized and detailed feedback on how they sell their skills and position themselves in the industry, helping them to build an articulated, coherent and memorable presence. The job scouting steps complete the package.

Filip Gonzacenco (Publicis, Paris), Andrei Chirisi (NEXT / THREE), Alexandra Bombiță (CESI), Teodora Migdalovici (CannesLions / MEALCHEMY) are the first confirmed speakers and evaluators.

To define the latest details of #TalentBet, aligned with the needs, expectations and resources of the industry, marketers are invited to answer a very brief questionnaire here, and creatives here.

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking is a creative MBA that has been preparing and propelling Romanian talent at international creativity festivals for over 16 years.

For more details about the evolution of #TalentBet, follow us here on our official website and on social media or send us a message to or

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