The Alternative School is launching over the summer #TalentBet, a career accelerator for young creatives under 31, working in agencies and companies alike. The goal? A broader perspective on the future of creativity, better portfolios, professional career guidance, wonderful networking, delightful culinary experiences & the chance to qualify for international competitions.

Registration is based on portfolio, sent at win@canneslions.ro & a fee. The participation fee is 250 E + vat for a team or 150 E + vat individually. A constant supporter of industry specializations for young talents, Rogalski Damaschin will offer 6 scholarships for the most successful portfolios entered in the program.

Those who sign up for the program will have access, on July 28th, to The Future of Creativity event, where the most interesting award-winning campaigns at Cannes Lions 2022 will be analyzed & screened. Alongside Alina Damaschin, Radu Pilat and Alex Teodorescu, the Cannes Lions Romanian jurors, the event will dissect the communication industry’s trends. A special slot in the context of the event is focused on The Future of Money, presented by Nicoleta Deliu, Head of Communication, BCR.

Next, on August 16th, an industry premiere: #PortfolioNight. Three highly successful leaders of the creative industry – Livia Falcaru – illustrator, Catalin Dobre – CEE McCann, Cosmin Baba Creative Director Oxygen, will answer questions and give public feedback on the most successful portfolios of those registered at #TalentBet. The other participants in the program receive individual feedback so that all those enrolled can refine their applications and be better prepared for any career changes.

Another five meetings with valuable speakers, doubled by projections of the winning masterpieces from Cannes, focus on topics relevant to the future of the industry.

Catalin Dobre, CEE Creative Director McCann will deliver a presentation on August 18th (7 pm-9 pm) about how case studies are constructed and the art of communicating an idea with impact. Participants will analyze the applications from Young Lions2022, both from the idea perspective and its presentation on the board.

On August 20th, between 10 and 13.30, the remarkable illustrator Meri The Zu & Madalin Dragnea, motion designer @ALL Mad Studio, will talk about emotions and visual language, Matei Goncea, Creative Marketing Manager Coca-Cola Europe will talk about empathy and creativity and Gabriel Eremia, Marketing Director, Arctic, about the recently nominated Forgotten campaign at Cannes Lions.

On August 23rd (7 pm-9 pm), Cosmin Baba, Creative Director Oxygen will talk about trends in communication and Andreea Calarasu, Senior Strategist, Jam Session, about how the future of strategy looks like, in the echo of the Lions festival 2022.

Davor Bruketa – the long-applauded chairman of Bruketa Zinic Grey and Nicholas Klein, Creative Director at Philipp und Keuntje, both winners at Cannes, will discuss technology, media and creativity on zoom, on August 25 (7 pm-9 pm), while the reputed influencer and NFT creator Tammy Lovin will offer a final takeout on the portfolios.  

During the program, the delegates will apply the learnings by solving a brief. The best team will qualify for the integrated digital communication competition at Eurobest. Those up to 23 years old, after submitting a 2 minutes video about their creative journey and how they intend to impact the future of the industry, will access the competition for the Roger Hatchuel Academy 2023.

The #TalentBet participation fee is 250 E + vat for a team if includes “The Future of Creativity” participation on the 28th of July or 200 E + vat/team if people attend only the August program (16th, 18th, 20th, 23rd & 25th of August)

Deadline for TalentBet portfolio scholarships: 27th of July

Disclaimer: For the Future of Creativity event there are limited places available. The access for the event is based on the first came, first served rule.

More details: win@canneslions.ro or whatsapp: +40 7 44 10 50 15.


The Young Lions Design & The Roger Hatchuel Academy

Entries are open for the Young Lions Design & Roger Hatchuel Academy via The Spring Semester.

Deadline: 17 March

€300 + vat / individual

€500 + vat / team


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