The recent study aiming to rate the satisfaction rate of those enrolled in the Spring Semester creative trainings showed highly positive feedback on the utility, impact, effectiveness, degree of interaction and inspiration brought in people’s professional life.

The research, conducted anonymously among the finalist teams completing the school programs and competitions, indicated constantly “good – to great – to exceptional” scores.


When asked to rate how useful the school was, 90% of students found it extremely useful, with 10% rating it as useful.


When asked to rate the methods of teaching, 12% found it useful, while 88% considered it extremely useful, ending up with a 100% satisfaction rate.


The Alternative School program of teaching is uniquely based on a learning by doing method, working on real briefs, in a Kaizen pace, getting feedback step by step, and improving the creative craft from one feedback to another. The participants worked on creative & strategy trainings and intensive workshops, learning from each other as much as from their speakers, mentored by remarkable practitioners, which all participants rated as either mostly or definitely relevant: Radu Pose – Art Director & Designer, Dr. Ana Iorga – CEO&Neuroscientist, Buyer Brain, Alexandra Bombiță – Copywriter, GMP, Filip Gonzancenco – Art Director, Publicis Paris, Carmen Pungă – Industry Head, Google, Alex Dohotaru – Creative Partner, Creative VR, Andrei Chiriși – Art Director, Next/Three, Vera Gavrilă – Media Concept Store/Produsul Anului,  Silvia Grădinaru – Copywriter, Leo Burnett, Miruna Mihalache – Senior Brand Manager, Albalact, Isabella Brănișteanu – Thinkegic, Bogdana Gheorghe – Managing Director, Retail Zoom,  Teodora Migdalovici – Love&Lobby and The Alternative School founder.


For safety reasons, the participants and speakers gathered over Zoom calls, conversations, lectures, and workshops, which facilitated not only Bucharest centered, but national and international attendance (Cluj, Targu Mures, Brasov, London, Sheffield). When asked to rate the interaction quality between participants and speakers from a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest), 31,3% rated it 5, 56,3% 4 and 12,5% 3, showing that the online platform was a great success for the first edition of its kind.


The program included solving 5 real-life briefs, driven by real challenges in times of crisis. The briefs were provided by BCR, Dulce Bun, Eurosalt & Carrefour, the companies teaming up with the school for the 2020 spring semester. 18.8% of the people attending the school rated the briefs as being useful, 37.5 % as being very useful, and 43.8 as being extremely useful.



When asked if they would recommend the school to their friends, 87,5% of participants responded with “Yes, definitely!”, while 12,5% responded with “Maybe”.


The feedback also came in extensive form, beyond the simple scoring:

„It’s hard to choose only the single best part of the event when I liked everything about it. But I would say that I really loved the devotion every speaker and Teo had! So I think I can say the vibe was absolutely amazing!”

„I think that the different approach regarding the feedback was pretty awesome. We got the chance to listen to a lot of people from the domain, learn from them, and implement the feedback in our work in the future.”

When asked about the best part of the event, one participant replied: „The feedback sessions! We needed guidance and different perspectives on our briefs and so we did. The feedbacks were genuine and really helped to improve my approach to future briefs.”


The Spring Edition of The Alternative School has recently come to a happy end, managing to create courses that 100% of students found interactive and entertaining. Creative talents & strategists with a cause have had access to new learning & competition platforms. The 16-year long tradition of organizing the local competitions for Cannes Lions has continued with the Young Marketers contest, this time through online participation, due to pandemic challenges. Always a half-full glass mentality, for The Alternative School this context came as an opportunity yo try something new: #TalentBet, a pro-solution think & feel tank for businesses and creatives in time of crisis. The winners for the Cannes Lions Young Marketers competition will represent Romania at the Cannes Lions Creativity Festival in 2021.

With Golden Lions in its portfolio, The Alternative School for Creative Thinking is a creative MBA that has been preparing and propelling Romanian talent at international creativity festivals for over 16 years.

For more details about the creative courses evolution, follow the school official website and social media or send a message to


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