#RomanianThrivers: New Inspiring Series by The Alternative School

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking prides itself on witnessing the progress of several hundred brands since 2005. It’s a tough business. Be it global or local, brands come and go, very few remain unbothered by the furious waters of customer boredom and choice paralysis. Get a global pandemic in the mix and you are left with entrepreneurs and companies trying to stay afloat and some hardly managing to do so.

The WHY of #RomanianThrivers

There is a beautiful quality to those who persevere and prove their creative artistry and social missions, against all odds. Consistent with other supporting programs for the industry, such #TalentBet or #TalentMagnet, through #RomanianThrivers we give a voice and an expression platform to those innovative Romanian hard-workers who are here to prove a point, grow beautifully and have fun while doing it.

That’s why, starting today, The Alternative School for Creative Thinking will be featuring brand & talent portraits constantly, a look at the creative process & their authors, a shortcut access behind the scenes and behind the mission of local brands with strong dreams, born and raised out of pandemic brainstorming.

We invite everyone who plays the part to send us their proposals and suggestions related to Romanian brands, projects, or creators whose outstanding contribution is worth celebrating.

The gift that keeps on giving

The Alternative School is excited to be the initiator of this social project and support Romanian brands for free for the next 3 months via the official platform and social media. We wish to further continue this project with those who matter the most: our community.

Starting March 2022, #RomanianBrandsThriving will be funded by the kind donations of our creative community, by the passionate readers who see just as much light in the Romanian Creative Future as we do!

So, what do you say? Would you like to see your story included in our project?

If so, drop us an email at win@canneslions.ro or say hello on WhatsApp, at 0744 10 50 15.

Click here for our first episode, featuring Marius Rosu and the creative process behind Caii de la Letea Wines.

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