The winners are here: Romanian creatives to join Eurobest International Competition

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking is in its 18th consecutive year of searching the brightest, most talented, hard-working and passionate young creatives to represent Romania at the Eurobest Young Creatives Competition, held online, this November.

After 3 weeks of intensive creative meetings, the official winners of the local Eurobest competition are Uniquecorns (Irina Serbulea & Daniela Georgescu) and PairUp (Larisa Vasile & Nicoleta Puiu).

Dedicated to people under 30 from all walks of creativity, participants had access to an intensive 3 week update on the market’s integrated communication trends, transmedia, VR/AR, UX/UI design principles, strategic insights on consumer buying and awarded international content.

40 participants not only from Romania, but from Moldova, have eagerly worked together on real-life briefs dedicated to niche brand, celebrating diversity, offered by Mesteshukar ButiQ and Barlog Breweries.

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[spacer height=”20px”]All along their creative journey, they were accompanied by an international array of creative experts like Nikita Petrusev (Creative Director @Active, Moscow), Sami Basut (Creative Director @WPP, Istanbul), Maged Farrag (Managing Director @5dVR Cairo), Tammy Lovin (Visual Designer & NFT Artist), Ioana Mischie (Transmedia Artist), Octavian Gheorghe (Creative Director, GMP PR), Alexandru Dumitru (UX/UI Design), Robert Katai (Marketer & Podcast Host), Demetrius & Dana Nastase (Yacht Designers, @Tanasea).

When judging the participants’ final work, specialists came with positive feedback, including Dan Toader (Head of Craft, Barlog), Inayeh Khalid (Founder, Mesteshukar ButiQ), Alexandra Bombita (Senior Copywriter), Andrei Chirisi (Senior Art Director), Georgian Mazerschi (Graphic Artist), Ana-Maria Popa (Consumer Insights Manager, Ursus), Bogdana Gheorghe (Retail Zoom), Isabella Branisteanu (Thinkegic), Marina Cordun (Senior Copywriter) and Silvia Gradinaru (Senior Copywriter).[spacer height=”20px”]

[spacer height=”20px”]Uniquecorns showed their, ahem, uniqueness through making Mesteshukar BoutiQ a way for human stories to become pieces of art, while Barlog celebrated women that love beer through a new Pale Ale, called Sword of Lady Chiajna.

PairUp presented Mesteshukar BoutiQ as the perfect opportunity to Never say Never, through jewelry ateliers with Mr. Nevers, while Barlog became a perfect medium to transform Romanian medieval heroes, like Vlad Tepes or Stefan cel Mare, in present-day influencers.

You can check Romania’s representatives’ work portfolios here and here.

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