Miruna to rock at the Roger Hatchuel Academy, in 2022

After few years studying architecture, she decided to switch for advertising studies, at the Faculty of Journalism. Once enrolled at TheAlternativeSchool programs, she worked both on school’s briefs, while also editing her Roger Hatchuel application. Sheer honesty in the narrative, educated skills when it comes to animation techniques, determination to edit after each feedback and voila, she is the Romanian winner for the Roger Hatchuel Academy, in Cannes, this year. Everyone, meet Miruna Cojocariu and her winning application.

Which were the most interesting moments at The Alternative School?

¨The only strategy you can think of is the truth¨. I can’t remember who said it during the presentations, but I keep it in my phone’s notes and go back to it every time I feel stuck on something.

Which was your favorite teacher and why?

It’s probably a biased answer, but my favorite was Raul Gheba. It might have something to do with his style of presentation more than the info per se. We got a lot of information in those two weeks, but not so many jokes to relax the already stressed days.

What brief did you like the most and why?

I’ve got a huge poster of Bârlog in my living room so the answer is obvious. They’re a close-to-earth brand I can relate to so it was really fun to work on that brief. Or maybe I just like their beer, hard to say.

Which competitor team and what other Roger Hatchuel application inspired you the most and why?

I loved most of the applications. I saw and all of them inspired me to ignore them and not do the same. The truth here was that I had nothing in common with them so after I got over the anxiety of that information, I used my own truth.

Which were the most challenging parts of the competition?

When my dad asked if I don’t want to change my idea because I might not finish in time. After that everything was about proving to him that, in fact, I don’t have to change my idea.

How did you manage to find the winning formula for your application?

Laying on the floor, staring at nothing and asking myself how did I end up like this again.

How long did it take to come up with the final version of the solution?

One hour to come up with it. Three months of working on that version.

How many trials and feedbacks did you follow until you got it?

All of them. My friends got to hear about a new update on the project every single time we talked. It was more work for them than for me.

Did you know that you are about to win the competition? If yes, when and how?

My ego knew, I doubt it till the very last moment. The moment I decided to just throw all my raw emotions in there I knew there won’t be a middle way: win or make a fool out of myself. Inside myself, it’s still a bit of both.


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