Roger Hatchuel Academy 2019 Finalists



Diana Oprea, Dragos Lup and Roxana Harcovei are the three Alternative School finalists, competing for a place in the Roger Hatchuel Academy 2019. The Academy dedicated to passionate creatives under 23 years old is happening during the Cannes Lions Festival, in the end of June. The final evaluation that will take place in London on 15-16th of March.

9 participants were shortlisted in the 2019 Romanian competition and the final ranking is:

  1. Diana Oprea – video aici
  2. Dragos Lup – video aici
  3. Roxana Harcovei – video aici
  1. Carmen Odorogea-Barbu
  2. Iulian Busan
  3. Andreia Theodorescu Posea
  4. Andra Larisa Croitoru
  5. Popescu Catalina
  6. Dan Nastase.

Alina Damaschin, Arpi Rezi, Alexandra Bombita, Corina Bernschutz, Filip Gonzacenco, Ioana Halunga, Mara Cristina, Nicoleta Padure, Teodora Migdalovici were the evaluators of the Roger Hatchuel competition. The jury included former Cannes Lions and Eurobest winners, evaluators and former Alternative School graduates who qualified for the Young Lions and Roger Hatchuel competitions in the previous years.

The student representing Romania at Roger Hatchuel Academy 2019 it will be announced at the end of March.

The Young Lions Design & The Roger Hatchuel Academy

Entries are open for the Young Lions Design & Roger Hatchuel Academy via The Spring Semester.

Deadline: 17 March

€300 + vat / individual

€500 + vat / team


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