Meet the Jury for the George Scholarship competition. Deadline: March 4th

Alongside George, the first intelligent banking by BCR, The Alternative School is announcing the names of the jurors to evaluate the scholarship applications.

Until March, 4th, Young Creatives under 30, either individually or in a team of two will have to solve this brief: Imagine that George gets to collaborate with Elon Musk. Show us what the banking card would look like for this amazing alliance, along with the tweet announcing the collaboration. Download the kit you need for your design completion HERE.

The best four ideas in terms of functionality, impact, relevance, and eye-grabbing effect win a free pass at the Design Semester, later on having access to the local Young Lions Competition which opens the door to international exposure.

The applications have to be uploaded on the Facebook personal or team profile, with a tag on The Alternative School Facebook page and the associated link to be sent at, before March 4th.

The results of the evaluation will be announced between March 8 & 10th.

The school starts on March 21st. See the list of confirmed speakers and details HERE.

Explore below the background of The Alternative’s School select jury:


George Team: Katerina Todorovski, Senior Brand Manager. Adrian Savean, Brand Manager. Alex Ilie, Junior Brand Manager

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With a rounded, consistent background in brand building, marketing and creative thinking, Katerina Todorovski, Senior Brand Manager, Adrian Savean, Brand Manager and Alexandru Ilie, Junior Brand Manager on the client side team, will share their input on the brief’s solutions. The strong trio cannot wait to see your George solutions!


Anca Ifrim – Executive Creative Director, Heist Industries

[spacer height=”20px”][spacer height=”20px”]Anca has a multicultural educational background, having studied Graphic Design in London and Advertising in Bucharest & Cannes. In the 15 years on the job, she has developed striking visual concepts for global & industry-leading commercial clients. Former Design Young Lion & The Alternative School alumna, she’s currently Group Creative Director at Heist Industries – a role she cherishes, as it gives her the opportunity to work with a fresh generation of designers & experiment within an ever-evolving industry.


Razvan Ghilencea, co-founder AYZ&HENDZ, Cannes Lions winner, GOLD / Young Lions Design competition

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Razvan Ghilencea is a creative with a tendency to overshare ideas and a natural disposition to hate writing in third person. Especially about himself. However he’ll do it if it must be done.

Razvan career started in 2010 with a failed internship. But as any good story has thought us, it was only for the better, because the next agency was the one to shape his portfolio. And that portfolio opened bigger doors for him. He went from writing McDonald’s brochures to giving birth to new exciting brands. Worked in three agencies, big and small. Attended the needs for a wide variety of clients all from very different categories. Learned a lot, failed more. Won some awards.


In 2019, Razvan abandoned his agency career to start fresh and hopefully to expand his skills. He became a freelancer. This new context somewhat forced him to learn strategy and he also picked up a few design tricks. He continued to focus on his everyday copywriting gigs, but some of the clients brought him in as a brand consultant. And then the gigs evolved. He teamed up with other freelancers to provide full services customized on client’s needs.


Nowadays, Razvan is co-founder of AYZ&HENDZ, a pop-up agency that focuses on adding soul to well established business objectives. In collaboration with talented artists they study and understand their clients’ business up to the point they feel it’s their own. Only then, they let their skills take over so they can deliver an effective campaign that has the power to heighten the viewer’s senses.


Diana Andreescu, PhD, associate professor at Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timisoara

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[spacer height=”20px”]Diana Andreescu is a PhD associate professor at Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timisoara, designer and founder of Ornella Studio Design where she oversees the creative direction, member of the Romanian Artists Union, member of ADI – Association of Italian designers, member of AIGA professional association of designers, member of Creativa.communityTimisoara.

Since 2004, she has adapted problem-based learning to suit students in the Faculty of Arts and Design at all levels and abilities. She has coordinated several educational projects involving multi-disciplinary teams of students.

She delivers theory courses on Art History, Design History, Management and Marketing in Design Sociology, Business and Entrepreneurship, starting from the idea of ​​the opportunity of knowledge and understanding, including, at the technical level, the evolution of visual means of expression and their relationships.


Linh Pham – Winner of Young Lions Design Competition & George Scholarship winner, 2021, maverick @Creative Motion

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A winner of the George Scholarship competition and part of the Protopia local Young Lions Design 2021 winning team @TheAlternativeSchool, Linh Pham is a full-time Human Rights scholar, part-time reinventor of the world at Creative Motion. Infatuated with moving mountains, with a dash of troublemaking on the side, she is a big fan of weaving physical & digital creations to bring about social change.


Silviu Buraga, Phd – Design Professor, George Enescu National University

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With a visual languages educational background that started in high school and Uni years, a Master in Visual Arts and a PhD in decorative arts, since 2004 Silviu is a Design practitioner and teacher within the Graphic Design Department, within the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, at George Enescu National University of Arts, Iasi. Along the years, he has guided students to participate in workshops, design competitions, exhibitions, scholarships and practical projects.


For any other questions, you can contact us directly on WhatsApp at +40744105015 or







The Young Lions Design & The Roger Hatchuel Academy

Entries are open for the Young Lions Design & Roger Hatchuel Academy via The Spring Semester.

Deadline: 17 March

€300 + vat / individual

€500 + vat / team


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