GreenTech Film Festival

GreenTech Film Festival is the first film festival in Romania that presents not only a selection of the best films on eco and green technology topics, but also offers the opportunity to present the first Romanian documentary about good practice examples in our country, which are successful but little known.

The film presents simple people, especially young people with initiatives in this field – natural houses, electric cars, solar houses, urban agriculture and permaculture.

The festival will be held from 9 to 12 October in Bucharest. The GreenTech Film Festival will host a series of conferences, debates and screenings of documentaries addressed to the general public, business community and authorities in Romania.

The documentary is an initiative of Media Image Factory, a communication agency specializing in social projects. Find out the program of the festival in Bucharest and other cities:


The Young Lions Design & The Roger Hatchuel Academy

Entries are open for the Young Lions Design & Roger Hatchuel Academy via The Spring Semester.

Deadline: 17 March

€300 + vat / individual

€500 + vat / team


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