Eurobest competition, open to all young creatives in Romania

Nos Praesenti (Pakan Baniasadi / Silvia Floroaia), Hiking High (Alexandra Chipaila, Alex Dinescu – Rogalski Damaschin), Ginxed (Roxana Paduraru- Mercury 360 / Vlad Boerasu – Minio), Citrique (Lorena Enache – Publicis, Amalia Vornicu – illustrator), CoLa (Laura Catea, Cosmin Voicu – Oxygen Communications) are the Romanian teams that won the local competition at #TalentBet, qualifying for the Eurobest competition dedicated to young creatives.

Credits: Lisa De Paola

“What keeps us creative?

We’ve been working, as a team, for more than two and a half years, and that helps us get projects done pretty quickly (because we understand the creative side in the same style). Most of the time, we want to see beyond the rules or the standard formula that has a solution for everything; we take it upon ourselves to do things differently and find a way around even where it seems impossible.

The benefit of difficult moments is that they make us stronger, so we are motivated by the idea that beautiful projects “come out” after a lot of perseverance.” – Nos Praesenti

” It was a refreshing experience thanks to the intense exposure to both world’s best creative work and speakers’ continuous input. A big plus was the focus on visuals (film, design, illustration) that already inspired me in my day to day work. ” – Vlad Boerasu – Minio

Beyond their participation, The Alternative School invites all young creatives from Romania, aged up to 30, to enter the prestigious competition until 18th of November.

The Alternative School turns 18 in 2023, celebrating dozens of generations formed and an industry reset. The message of the longest running marcom education platform has remained the same, for juniors and seniors alike: “Romanians have talent. They are or can become the best in the world. What better news can we announce next year’s events than that Romania has unlimited access to #EurobestYoungLions?” said Teodora Migdalovici, founder of #TheAlternativeSchool and Lions Festivals Ambassador in Romania.

Teams of young creatives from all over Europe will work on a given brief for 24 hours at the end of November and the results of the judging will be announced in early December. Registration for the YL@Euorbest competition closes on 15 November and can be done on the festival website:

“In 2005, when we officially started lobbying for the presence of Romanian talent at Cannes, Romania was not a desirable country – it had no entries, no delegates and was not officially accepted in the competitions for those under 30. Today, at Eurobest, for the first time in the history of the European festival, the limits on the number of participants have disappeared. December 1st is coming – I see no other way to celebrate the national day in a more successful way for the industry than to send its most competent teams to the competition,” added the festival ambassador.

Rares Chirila, Alexandra Chipaila, Andra Semciuc and Diana Visinescu qualified for the Roger Hatchuel 2023 competition. The names of the three shortlisted for Cannes will be announced early next year.

Credits: Amina Panduru

“Talent Bet was an experience that challenged my creative and critical thinking. It is lovely to surround yourself with like-minded people from the creative field for a couple of days and share your thoughts and opinions while learning informally.” – Diana Visinescu

Credits: Amina Panduru

Young creatives from Romania are invited to follow The Alternative School social media – Instagram or Facebook, where all Young Lions competitions with Cannes destination will be announced.

The Young Lions Design & The Roger Hatchuel Academy

Entries are open for the Young Lions Design & Roger Hatchuel Academy via The Spring Semester.

Deadline: 17 March

€300 + vat / individual

€500 + vat / team


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