DO EXPECT from this school:

* to train talent beyond self-imposed limits.* to only reward authentic performances.* to explore international trends in communication.* to push you to work hard, on top level briefs.* to facilitate access to international learning events and competitions (Eurobest / Dubai Lynx / Cannes Lions) – if you prove yourself worthy.* to connect you with different cultures and their various ways of performing; you might just be one of the fortunate ones who get those enriching experiences at a very young age.* to make you use your mind to the fullest.* to teach through the best teachers: an inspirational mix of Romanians and foreigners with great international achievements.* to keep you in contact with all relevant disciplines within the marcomm industry; from creative media to design, from strategy to online PR, from art direction to brand building.* to ask you to get real: communication is not about driving a Mini, wearing Converse, having a fancy haircut or knowing the latest gossip in town. It’s about people’s lives: how do you get in, stay in, and make it memorable?* to promote an empathetic behavior: learn to genuinely admire and listen to those better than you

The Young Lions Design & The Roger Hatchuel Academy

Entries are open for the Young Lions Design & Roger Hatchuel Academy via The Spring Semester.

Deadline: 17 March

€300 + vat / individual

€500 + vat / team


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