Davor Bruketa

Davor Bruketa is the Chairman of the legendary Bruketa Zinic & Grey. Alongside Nicola, Davor launched BZ in 1995 and pretty soon they made a name for themselves, as well as for the Croatian / Eastern European exquisite talent. Their office, nicely placed in the premises of a former toilet paper factory, is a statement for both their sense of humor and their aim to resist routine and produce exceptional content, standing the test of time.

Recipient of more than 450 international creativity and design distinctions, modestly listed alphabetically, on the agency’s webpage, there is no wonder BZ ended up winning the long sought after International Small Agency of the year Award, a distinction offered by AdAge, in 2014.

If there is a way to describe the agency style, remained untouched over the years, before and after the alliance with Grey, here it is: a soft spot for brilliantly simple insight that is there, for everyone to see, while 99.9 of the people are simply missing its splendid relevance. A human approach on the briefs, with one of the highest creative EQ’s ever seen among communicators. And in the end, a flawless use of all design tools on earth, to bring brands and stories into people’s lives and living them there, to have a voice of their own and to be part of the pop-culture.

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Deadline: 17 March

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