Wanna play some Microsoft?

“These guys are super-technologically-creative” is what i’ve said to myself during the Microsoft seminar today, in Cannes Lions. And they do great things for advertising, too. As they said, Microsoft is always redefining the way people experience the ads, turning it’s products into platforms for advertisers.

Speaking of those products, the ones that i loved most in today’s presentation were Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Kinect. The first one totally operates like an ad serving machine. If you are an advertiser, it allows you to keep your buyers connected to you through 3 new functions. One is the Tile function. The phone’s main screen permanently show these user selected tiles (shortcuts to a website or to an aplication, etc) and the advertiser can change the content on them, putting up messages or changing their layout (for example, if you’ve got a tile with the shortcut to the Xbox site, they can set it to announce the arrival of a new game). Another advantage is the short way to use applications on the internet, with no intermediaries. Last, but not least they’ve got a thing called Toast, a news bar appearing on the top of the screen everytime something new happens.

The fun part started when Xbox Kinect got into stage. It redefines the gaming experience because you have no controllers. There’s only a camera that recognizez the movement and voice of the player. It also takes photos of you playing and can upload them on Facebook. It’s great and i want it! All in all, this seminar showed how great ideas combined with great technology can lead to incredible things!


Andrei Lacatus