The Alternative School launches TalentBet 2021

The Alternative School launches TalentBet 2021

The Alternative School launches TalentBet 2021, a platform for professional and personal evolution addressed to creative young people who want to boost their presence in the industry. They will work on their personal brand, but also on briefs offered by local and international clients who, in turn, will benefit from the fresh perspective of a digital-born generation.

TalentBet2021 offers a mix of trainings, personal branding, mentoring and internship services, which will help creatives find and perfect their special skills and professional assets.

TalentBet was launched last year, in the context of the pandemic, encouraging local creatives and brands to outdo themselves, finding business solutions to crisis communication.

After exceptional feedback, the new edition of TalentBet will focus on young creatives, passionate about design, visual languages ​​in social media and effective branding, interested in shaping a memorable professional identity and honing their skills in a competitive context. They will learn to seamlessly articulate their professional voice, building a portfolio, a CV and a personal brand with a unique fingerprint. The best of them will do internships in local and international agencies (Depot Russia, Supple Studio UK & Bruketa Zinic Grey Croatia) and, of course, will receive a diploma confirming the specialization.

In addition, those under the age of 23 have the opportunity to qualify for the shortlist of the national competition for Roger Hatchuel, the creative academy of the Cannes Lions 2022 International Creativity Festival.

At the end of the 12 #TalentBet meetings that will take place on Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 9, on Zoom, and on Saturday from 11, at MindSpace Victoriei in Bucharest, participants will have a 2-minute presentation film, which will serve for the application at Roger Hatchuel, a well-articulated CV, a promising personal brand, the chance to work and receive feedback from professionals in the field on at least one real brief, only good to add to the portfolio and access internship programs with durations between 1 month and 3 months.

The first 3 meetings will celebrate Cannes Week, exclusively showcasing awarded campaigns from this year’s edition, with our first meeting at Mindspace Victoriei (17.07), followed by 2 online meetings (20.07 & 22.07). If interested only in Cannes Week, you can have access for a 50 euros fee. If you are interested in participating at the full 12 meetings of TalentBet, you will pay an additional price of 100 euros.

Saturdays will be occupied by workshops held by Above 106, the Alumni group, powered by The Alternative School and include: 101 on GIF Creation with Amalia Vornicu, Video Editing Skills with Lin Pham, Notions of design and applied printing with Bogdan Petean, Makeup for Business Look & Etiquette with Dana Vârtopeanu, mindfulness therapy through floral arrangements with Ioana Marinescu Sima.

The mentors of the TalentBet program are Filip Gonzacenco (Art Director, Publicis Paris), Andrei Chirisi (Creative Director), Marina Cordun (Senior Copywriter), Iashido (Graphic Artist), Alexandra Bombita (Senior Copywriter), Cristian Pasarica – Social Media expert, Mindshare and Teodora Migdalovici (Creative Ambassador and Founder of The Alternative School).

Access to the above program is 150 E + VAT. For the Premium package, the costs are 200 E + VAT for those up to 23 years old and 300 E for those over 23 years old.

The TalentBet Premium package involves, beyond the benefits associated with the Classic program, a professional shooting and One-on-One mentorship with Teodora Migdalovici, Creative Ambassador, consultant and international speaker with over two decades of experience, with a focus on career guidance and career guidance. as well as integration in the exclusive database of #TheAlternativeSchool, for recruitment within local and international creative agencies.

TheAlternativeSchool also offers 4 scholarships – the mission of those who apply for them is to make a 2-minute presentation video, in which they explain who they are, what they are passionate about, what their favorite brands are and what is the difference they plan to make in the world, as creatives.

Scholarship applications are open until July 10th, at Registration for the program ends on July 15th.

TalentBet starts on Saturday, July 17th.