Sunday was a bright day

The Festival just started. It’s Sunday morning and I already feel like everybody is here to give and offer “tones” of experience, creative insights and fun. I’m here for the Young Marketers Academy so I’ll be your inside man when it comes to Young Lions and Young Clients.

The Academy started with everybody introducing themselves, so I found out I’m joining a group of young but experienced marketers from companies like Dell, P&G, Unilever, Kraft Food and so on. Big responsibility I’ll say.

The Goviral seminar was a direct intro into the atmosphere. We all talk about brands like some kind of religion. Actually, Martin Lindstorm talked about a research he made exactly on this issue. And the results are not that surprising, the people react in the same way, and the brain is using the same areas when they see logos or religious symbols.


The first Academy session brought us Matias Palm-Jensen, experienced Creative Director and former jury member at Cannes Lions. He walked us through the whole Cannes experience he had, and suggested things to see and do at the festival like going with the ferry, and attending the seminar with Sir Ken Robinson.

Then the famous (and still amazing) Michael Conrad from Berlin School talked to us and to our lovely colleagues from Roger Hatchuel. First he talked about the Quality Strategy Leadership. Things like “I hate the word <<consumers>>” and the 7plus scale he implemented in Leo Burnett where things I will assume from now on. Advertising, says Conrad, is not for “consumers”, but for “people”. After that, he illustrated what a Big idea is, by comparing it with Big Catastrophe. Some things have to happen in the same time for Big Ideas to become real. The most important of them are: Ad Idea, Communication Idea, Brand Idea and Business Idea. When you have all of this, you have Big Ideas (Apple’s “1984” size).

After this “grand” man of advertising, Patrick Collister, another experienced (and relaxed) Creative Director, now having his own agency – Creative Matters, presented the last Academy Session. Main insights: TV, print, conventional media is not dead, the way you use it is changed. We have to rethink marketing. And the best concept for clients all-over the world: forget about Return Of investment, adopt Return Of Idea!

That’s it! “Sunday was a bright day, yesterday” – Moby

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