So, the greatest sales person is…

There  were 230 entries from 12 countries, people who were eager to put their hands on the prize and nomination “greatest sales person in the world”. After they all tried to sell a brick, this morning each one of the three finalists came up with very innovative ideas and tactics of selling the new Motorola phone, the Milestone.

The British Jury analyzed each of the performances and fully occupied auditorium was asked to vote for the most convincing sales person.

With more than 50% of the votes, Todd Herman was declared the winner and the title got him a 3 months placement at OgilvyOne.

“Finally the brick got me a trip to Cannes” said the winner.

Rory Shutherland, executive creative director at OgilvyOne :”it is not enough to have a great idea if you do not have the correspondent talent to get people to act on that idea-the thing doesn’t work”.

Corina &Iulia,  Young Marketer empowered by Impression