#RomanianThrivers: Bianca Dumitrașcu and the power of lettering

#RomanianThrivers: Bianca Dumitrașcu and the power of lettering

Bianca Dumitrașcu, Type Designer and Brand Lead at TypeThursday HQ, is the third guest of #RomanianThrivers, a section of The Alternative School blog exploring the success stories behind the cool kids from the creative block and kick-ass local brands. We are excited to show you what Bianca has to say about her journey in the design world, insights into her routine, and future plans.


  1. When did you first realize you wanted to work in design? What was your AHA moment for choosing typography?

It took me many years until I was able to truly understand what the job of a graphic designer is. Even though I was studying it at the university, it was my internship at Brandtailors that made me fall in love with graphic design, commercial work, and the joy of seeing something I made into the real world. 

The infatuation with type came with the epiphany that letter shapes can have meaning and personality, and for me that is the most incredible tool of visual expression.


  1. How do you get in the flow? How do you access inspiration?

I’m always paying attention. As other visual artists will also say “you learn through looking” — this is the only way you can enrich your mind library that will come in handy every time a new project or idea comes along. And because I am old-fashioned, books and records are still my main source of inspiration.


  1. You are involved in multiple projects that are, all, different facets of your professional being. Which one is aligning most of your knowledge to your calling?

Luckily, most of the projects I did lately have been aligned with both my knowledge and calling. Probably the best thing about being an independent designer is the fact that I can say yes only to projects that I believe are best suited for my abilities or my willingness to learn and develop new skills. 

The project I enjoyed most is Pizzamania. I got to create an entire identity system based on a custom font and a clean typesetting, for a brand I truly love, with a product that I will forever recommend. ❤️

  1. What would you say has been the hardest challenge in your creative journey?

Working with Romanian clients. Because I work “with” not “for”.


  1. You are a letterer, a trainer, a juror, a design thinker & doer, a standard setter. How do you organize your time to avoid burnout and keep all your projects alive and kicking?

I am an avid list maker. Every month I write down all the projects I’m currently working on, the ones I wish to start, and I prioritize them based on urgency. Time off is also very important. I’ve learned the hard way that I can be more productive (during work hours)  if I allow myself to have many breaks and take care of my mind and body.


  1. Is there a creative technique that has constantly delivered results in your process that you would like to share with our audience?

I like to be efficient and organize my projects in specific steps that will help me make decisions without going back and forth. Research and moodboards are the best starting point for me. Once I have a clear image in my head of what I see suitable for the project I can explore more directions during the sketching process.

  1. Do you have an all-time favorite typeface that you enjoy using?

The most used is definitely Georgia, designed in 1993 by Matthew Carter and hinted by Tom Rickner for the Microsoft Corporation. It goes well with my personal style and is widely available, I can use it in all shareable Microsoft documents and emails.


  1. What are you working on right now, and what’s coming up next?

I’m currently working on a script font, new products and brand collaborations for my shop, online and offline lettering and training courses, and some packaging design for exciting products.

  1. What are your near-future goals? Is there something you haven’t tried, that you wish to pursue?

One important future goal will be to find the perfect balance between client work and the ideas I have for Caracter and my shop. I would also like to do more type design and animation.


  1. What is your advice for international headhunters, related to Romanian creatives?

Definitely go for it. 


  1. Recommend a Romanian Designer for the RomanianThrivers community.

Andrei Turenici from Daniel & Andrew Design Studio.



Bianca Dumitrascu is a type master, a letterer and a passionate graphic designer navigating graciously from advertising to art, type and design. Awarded with the typographic excellence distinction by Type Directors Club New York and Communication Arts, she is the creative community’s darling in Bucharest and beyond. A former Romanian Young Lion & gold winner, holding a master in Advanced Typography, she launched Ampersand Studio in 2018 — the place where she continues to develop her knowledge and passion by creating identities, books, packaging, posters and art. Through Caracter – launched as well in 2018, she offers training & consultancy in calligraphy, typography & type design. In 2019 she became the official letter dame by launching the #TypeThursday Bucharest chapter.

She considers that letters have power, and that power lies in their rich, fascinating history. And in turn, their rich, fascinating history draws their own, unique personality and purpose. Every letter carries its own character through form, negative space, and sophisticated simplicity — and that’s a story that always needs to be told right. Her mission is to promote, educate, and empower typography’s substantial worth in everything she does.