Reset Generation

P1090365copyEmerging from the concepts of generation X,Y and Z, Erich Bader and Kendra Hatcher from Initiative , have developed a research focused upon how the recession changed the young generation of consumers named Reset Generation.

The main aspect of the research was how did young people between 18 and 25 respond to the recession and how it changed them as consumers. They don’t want to be just the end consumer, they want to feel as a partner of the brand . A particular feature about this group is a return to traditional values. If the same age group in the past generation had concerns about self-esteem, they have more basic anxieties, like safety. You can see the difference only by understanding what success means to them in contrast to what the other generation understood as success at their age. They see success as the ability to provide for their basic needs ( accommodation, food, ), being able to be independent, opposed to seeing success as having the nicest house, designer clouds and the most expensive car. They are the people searching in life for an experience rather than a commodity.

Nico Ivascu ( team UberDots)