Leo is living the new age

Just to be short, what impacted me the most in the Leo Burnett seminar is the theory that says a brand should find the balance between clarity and consistency on one hand and spontaneity and creativity on the other. Nowdays these have become basic skills with the help of which you fight. The slick thing is that your fight is being broadcast live and you have to move fast. Leo have done it with their first twitter-based video broadcasting project, David On Demand , this nice guy walking around with a camera attached to his head!

During the seminar i’ve seen some nice cases, too. I loved the Nibbles Boutique one, where the advertisers used some well-known blogs to open, one by one, online boutiques where the first people to register for the queue got a limited edition scarf. Also enjoyed the Nike ID campaign in Fukuoka, during which Nike generated unique-coloured shoes based on a picture of the customer.

Enjoy them while i run for the next seminar 😀
Andrei Lacatus