interruption vs integration

During the 5 rounds of the battle, Mark Beeching, chief creative Officer at Digitas – moderated and tempered the strong arguments of the speakers concerning brand interruption vs brand integration.
Key factors: invisible advertising, product placement, the 30 second interrupter TV spot
Speakers:Gavin Polone, Monty Miranda, Nick Cannon
Basically the fight was between Tv spots and brand integration
They all agreed that brand integration should mean: you don’t really see how the product is pushed on you. Ultimately you are trying to serve the story.
So, brand integration is buying invisible advertising, in-show integration and when you do it right the audience is a good collaborator.
But why interruption tends to be held back? “If you are not making it fun or draw too much attention to it – audience feel insulted.”
Conclusions: Open your minds to new ways of advertising, to be authentic, organic. Interruption has to work harder to integrate, to content.

Corina &Iulia, Young Marketer empowered by Impression.