Interruption vs. Integration

Digitas challenged today 3 guests from movie Industry to a cage fight upon the Interruption vs. Integration Advertising issue. The 3 guests were: Common (both actor and singer), Gavin Polone and Monty Miranda.
Both bad and good examples for the two advertising types were presented, which means that they both can be used in the future,DSCF6640DSCF6634 with a suitable strategy. What makes the difference between the two is that integration type of advertising can be more consumer-friendly, more subtle, non-intrusive and can create a god context. After 5 rounds of debates integration won, but a certain thing is that interruption will continue to be used, if it will create proper content.
Our opinion is that integrated campaigns work better, but offers more advantage for brands with high awareness.

Andreea&Ionut, OOH Team of The Year, empowered by Impression