Google: The Beautiful Ad Game


Henrique de Castro, Vice President of Global Media and Platforms at Google, talked about the future of display and video and how YouTube, television and mobile will coexist in a world where boundaries are disappearing and convergence is all the rage. The seminar started with internet and it’s presence on all screens, including TV. With the future Google TV the user will can search related videos to a movie for example. Another interesting thing were the dynamic ads, which mean that ads will be posted based on the weather. If it’s reaining products like umbrellas or utilities for the house will be displayed. If it’s snowing showels will be displayed.
In the near future during watching live videos like football matches users will can chat in the same video window. Video will be more and more relevant.
The industry is changing so fast that Google’s advice is to create and not adapt.

This day will be a crowded one, with big names on the list like Microsoft, Leo Burnett, Coca Cola, Facebook and many more.

After the party last night people seem to be a little sleepy in the auditorium.

Diana & Vlad, Design Team of the Year empowered by HP