Facebook mania!

I hate Mark Zuckerberg. Because of him, the Press Center Room at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes is absolutely full and I had to walk for five minutes to find a place to sit and plug my laptop. Everybody is broadcasting information about the Facebook seminar that just ended. I think that this situation best reflects how popular Facebook has gotten to be. Over 500 million users and Mark hopes for the billion to come soon.
Until that has happened, Facebook is always improving, as Zuckerberg says. “In a few years every site will be personalized for the user, for his needs, interests and friends. We’ll be looking back asking ourselves why we didn’t do it like that from the begining”, Mark said.

The CEO of Facebook also predicted the rise of social plugins, little widgets that can be put on every site, to make it social and to show the user how his/her friends have interacted with that content. Mark believes in these ways of improving people’s experiences on the internet but there’s one problem that always comes to the surface: Privacy.
Zuckerberg noted that privacy is a really delicate problem and that’s why Facebook are dealing with it seriously. “Our goal is to build a system that gives people the chance to share more and in a more secure way” he said. Advertising also comes into the game using Facebook and Mark thinks that we should all profit from this two-way-dialogue platform to engage our consumers, to get close to them and built comunities that last in time. That’s his focus with Facebook, too. It’s a company that focuses on the long-term ¬†relationship with the people it serves and i think that’s one of the most healty brand philosophies in the world.

Andrei Lacatus