Electronic Arts (EA) Lean Forward: Gaming Is The Next Big Thing

_MG_5125This session examined how interactive entertainment is evolving as a game-changing medium with a particular focus on technology shifts and impacts on behaviour, multi-platform insights – connecting console, PC, mobile and social gaming, interactive entertainment’s surprisingly expansive demographic footprint, and actionable strategies to leverage the breadth of the medium.

The seminar started with a short presentation of how interactive entertainment looks today and how surclases today the movie industry and books industry also. Mobile industry has become a more robust platform lately.

Now the focus is put on the family and the way they share the experience of gaming . The graphics in the latest Fifa videogame is amazing. They’ve made a new sistem called Head Star in which the amount of detail is bigger than ever.

EA made a partnership with Coca Cola and created a championship “The impossible is possible” in which everyone can play in the Fifa World Cup online and “change” the course of the real championchip. Next was a short list of partnerships between EA and different brands, where they offered old retro games for example. Patrick Fourniol from Renault presented their campaign in partnership with EA. They’ve made some ads made with The Sims 3 game engine where characters from the game were presenting the new electric cars launched by the french carmaker.

Diana & Vlad, Design Team of the Year empowered by HP