Congrats to the winners!

So we’ve just returned home for a few minutes and we want to take a minute to congratulate our competitors who won the Young Lions Media competition – the boys from Denmark really did a good job. So these guys are taking home the Gold, Sweden was awarded with Silver and the USA team received the Bronze medal.
Still, that doesn’t mean that we’re not a little bitter, we are all humans after all! But we’re actually really proud of our work and maybe we can tell you all about soon :).

Speaking of awards, we had a little moment where we counted all the award winners (Silver, Gold and the Grand Prix) from different countries to see who is sweeping the scene this year. So far, the top of the tops are Australia with no less than 16 Lions. Next in line are Sweden and USA with 14 Lions each. Germany follows with 10 Lions and the UK with 8 shiny roarers. The counting goes on tonight, because we’re heading to the Media, Radio and Outdoor awards in a few minutes.

If you are in the mood check out one of the best and most awarded campaigns so far – Gatorade’s REPLAY, which is making everyone hands’ clap like crazy every time they appear on screen.

We’re off for today, keeping our fingers crossed for Iulia & Corina, the Young Marketers Team who will surely impress the juries on Friday.

Catalina & Simona, Young Lions Media, empowered by Impression.