Cannes Week & Talent Bet: Schedule & Benefits

Cannes Week & Talent Bet: Schedule & Benefits

The Alternative School begins the new edition of TalentBet with Cannes Week: a week of inspiration, dedicated to all the new awarded international campaigns from this year’s Cannes Lions Festival, the place where creativity is celebrated by professionals every year.

Cannes Week starts on July 17, with the first meeting at Mindspace Victoriei, at 11 AM, where Romanian creative agencies, young professionals and students are invited to be present for an exclusive selection of case studies this year, presented by Teodora Migdalovici, Romania’s Cannes Lions Ambassador.

But the surprises do not end here, as Cannes Week is followed up by 3 weeks of trainings & workshops, where you can update your career skills! Online meetings after work, from 7 to 9 PM, in a private group. Live meetings on Saturday at Mindspace.

Let us explain how it will go.




The Best of Cannes is an event organized by The Alternative School in partnership with Cannes Lions Romania, praising every year the most interesting experiences, trends and case studies in the Cannes context. 2021 is the first year when Cannes Week is organized in partnership with MindSpace, the perfect, cozy, modernly designed place for creatives to network.

Following Cannes Week, TalentBet offers a mix of trainings, personal branding, mentoring and internship services, which will help creatives in positioning, in public discourse and in the correct definition of professional assets.

The participants will work on their personal brand, but also on briefs offered by local and international clients who, in turn, will benefit from the fresh perspective of a digitally born generation.

They will learn to seamlessly articulate their professional voice, building a portfolio, a CV and a personal brand with a unique digital print.


The best participants will have access to internships in local and international agencies (Depot Branding Russia, Supple Studio UK) and, of course, will receive a diploma confirming the specialization. In addition, those up to the age of 23 have the opportunity to qualify for the shortlist of the national competition for Roger Hatchuel Academy, the creative academy of the Cannes Lions 2022 International Creativity Festival.

At the end of the 12 #TalentBet meetings that will take place on Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 9, on Zoom, and on Saturday from 11, at Mindspace Victoriei, participants will have a 2-minute presentation film, which will serve for the application for Roger Hatchuel Academy, a well-articulated CV, a promising personal brand, the chance to work and receive feedback from professionals in the field on at least one real brief, only good to add to the portfolio and access internship programs with durations between 1 month and 3 months.


Preferential packages for agencies & clients who send their employees for a creative update. Send us an email at for more details.


The mentors of the TalentBet program are Ioana Manoiu (GMP PR), Bianca Dumitrascu (Type & Graphic Designer), Filip Gonzacenco (Art Director, Publicis Paris), Andrei Chirisi (Creative Director), Marina Cordun (Senior Copywriter), Iashido (Web Designer), Alexandra Bombita (Senior Copywriter), Cristian Pasarica (Social Media expert), Mindshare and Teodora Migdalovici (Creative Ambassador and Founder of The Alternative School).

Above 106 – the group of Alumni of our scool – will also be present to teach you their skills: Linh Pham, Petean Bogdan, Amalia Vornicu, Dana Virtopeanu, Alexandra Antofi.


Cannes Week – 1 live meet-up, 2 online meetings – 50 euros

For an extra fee of 100 euros, Cannes Week participants can also access the next 3 weeks of TalentBet, which include training and workshops in the area of ​​personal branding, strategy, digital marketing, graphic design & video editing.

Limited participation. Book your place at