Can you please freeze for 5 minutes?

The Improv Everywhere seminar held on tuesday, 11 o’clock was definetly one of my favourites. I find myself a little bit ashamed to say i liked it because i like flashmobs. Because these guys do a lot more than that and, as Charlie Todd (founder of Improv Everywhere) said, nowdays everybody understands flashmobs as gathering up a bunch of people and puting them to dance.


This is where they come in with their famous happenings (i can’t call them flashmobs). The rest is creativity, operating on the idea, on the fun of doing it and not on trying to sell a product. It’s all about giving people an experience to remember.

Below, you get some of their famous works:
1. no pants subway ride –
2. frozen grand central –
3. high five escalator –

Enjoy and always be aware!
Andrei Lacatus