1st edition of Eurobest Academy

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For me Eurobest experience is a “kebab story”  with lots of flavours. A last month of the year, full of new beginnings.

Inspiring people, awsome places, fresh and interesting perspectives in form of seminars, each one had it’s contribution to a spicy adventure in the world of international advertising.

Eurobest 2010, is all about stories, and because one of my favourite seminar was Fernando’s Vega Olmo speach about the creation of incomplete stories, I  have no intention to finish this one.

Briefly, Eurobest Academy 1st edition happened this year, and I was a part of it. Great adventure. Exhausting one, I might complete.

I met Clive Challis, a remarkeble man with huge amounts of energy, despite his age. It was our tutor for 3 days, during which he taught us many things and also partied harder then some of us.

David Lindemann from High-Resolution showed us how they had pitched for Nike. Very insightful seminar for us. We saw how to hook-up big clients. What more can I say ? High-Res knows how to steal anyone’s attenition.

We also learned what powerful communication means, presented our point of view and shared great pieces of communication between us. All this in company of Al Mosely, Executive Creative Director and Managing Partner at 180. Great guy. After two hours we were proud owners of does and don’ts of making conversation as great as it can be.

Besides other experiences, we had to meet our new teammates, designated by Clive, to make connections and work to establish Florena for Men products in german’s  guys bathrooms. So the fate brought me Marine from France and Tomak from Poland. Two very clever marketers, with whom I enjoyed working.

Beside hard work and long lists of seminars and work-shops, we had parties, in different locations (advertising agencies in Hamburg) where food and beer was endless and music just so good. A good chance for us to catch our breath again and have some rest.

As you can tell sleep was a luxury. I had a lot after I returned home.

The most important thing is that’s only the beginning of a greater then us story that will continue to be written, chapter after chapter. This is the feeling this Academy gave me.

Alex Haidamac (team Prelude)