Learning by doing and by improving what you already know

The students are solving the real briefs, focusing on bringing fresh, easy to implement solutions to the problems. Your ultimate goal, as mindful practitioner of the communication arts, is to help both, the client’s business and the society in the process.

JUDGING : The Jury consists of some of the guest speakers you will have met in class. The process takes place online: they explore your work and grade the solutions of each team on Facebook. On the on-line study group you will have access to every jury member’s  evaluation.Every jury member can be contacted for more details related to his / her evaluation. TAKE A LOOKwhere more than 300 finalists of our educational program had the chance to learn:

This project was brought to life from the hearts and minds of people – teachers & sponsors – that didn’t like their present and hoped for a better future.

They wanted to share knowledge, offer resources and pay forward to new generations what they had achieved throughout their careers.* you work on remarkable briefs: some social, others given by real life clients; some extracted from award winning communication projects; some simply carefully designed – all for you to learn which are the requirements, the relevance and the results of a great brief.* the only educational program in Romania connecting ambitious, talented and informed young seniors to the international top level learning and competition environment within the communication industry. * the only educational program of its kind that has remarkable results year after year, not only locally, but internationally

DO EXPECT from this school:

* to train talent beyond self-imposed limits.* to only reward authentic performances.* to explore international trends in communication.* to push you to work hard, on top level briefs.* to facilitate access to international learning events and competitions (Eurobest / Dubai Lynx / Cannes Lions) – if you prove yourself worthy.* to connect you with different cultures and their various ways of performing; you might just be one of the fortunate ones who get those enriching experiences at a very young age.* to make you use your mind to the fullest.* to teach through the best teachers: an inspirational mix of Romanians and foreigners with great international achievements.* to keep you in contact with all relevant disciplines within the marcomm industry; from creative media to design, from strategy to online PR, from art direction to brand building.* to ask you to get real: communication is not about driving a Mini, wearing Converse, having a fancy haircut or knowing the latest gossip in town. It’s about people’s lives: how do you get in, stay in, and make it memorable?* to promote an empathetic behavior: learn to genuinely admire and listen to those better than you

DO NOT EXPECT from this school:

* to pamper your big ego; deal with it or don’t apply.* to waste time in long, useless meetings.* to talk for the sake of talking & shock for the sake of shocking.* to tolerate unethical attitudes towards students & teachers or any behavior damaging the learning and competing environment.* to accept mediocre work: we’re only striving for the best; exigency is part of our DNA.* to encourage unfair competition.* to spread gossip from within the industry instead of learning and working seriously.* to provide hypocrite, boring or outdated lectures.* to be afraid of following new, unused paths.* to accept ideas which lack an argument, logic and common sense.