The lavish “Voted Product of the Year® Gala,celebrating innovation in style – evening gowns and black tie included – has reunited on May 16th, at its 10th anniversary, the very best of marketing, branding and client community at the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.

Following the consumers’ vote, 25 products won the contest and have received the right to use the “Voted Product of the Year” label in all their communication and packaging materials for 12 months, starting this May.

The 25 products have been evaluated by consumers in terms of attractiveness, innovation and purchase intent.

Cannes Lions Romania, represented by Teodora Migdalovici, its ambassador, alongside other reputed players in the market, such Radio France Internationale, WeInvent, Biz or Rappel des Titres were partners of the event and part of the Ethics Committee.

The 2019 edition winners are:

In the “Yogurt” category: ZuzuDivin/ Albalact

In the “Salted Baked Bakery” category: 4 × 4 Field Biscuits/ TerraBisco

In the “Salami” category: Salam Sinaia/ Cris-Tim

In the “Water” category: GlaceauSmartWater/ Coca-Cola Services

In the “White detergent” category: Ariel 3in1 PODS Family Pack/ Procter & Gamble Marketing Romania

In the “Base” category: VegetaNatura/ Podravka

In the “Milk” category: Zuzu Bio/ Albalact

In the “Ready Meal Recipes”category: Pepe Chicken Fingers/ Perutnina Romania

In the “Baby nappies” category: Pampers Pure/ Procter & Gamble Marketing Romania

In the “Cold Desert” category: Milk Burger/ Eti European Food Industries

In the “Vegetable Drinks” category: AdeZ/ Coca-Cola Services

In the “Frozen pastry and bakery” category: Bella dough for bread, pizza and pita/ Unibel Nord

In the “Distillery” category: Fairy Lemon/ Procter & Gamble Marketing Romania

In the “Essences and food flavors” category: Essence of roses and vanilla essence with butter note/ Coseli

In the “Non-carbonated soft drinks” category: Cappy +/ Coca-Cola Services

In the “Wafer category” Dare / Eti European Food Industries

In the “Face care” category: Elmiplant Detox/ Sarantis Romania

In the “Anti-Acne Dermato-cosmetic” category: RilastilAcnestil/ Fildas Trading

In the “Female Care” category: Always Platinum/ Procter & Gamble Marketing Romania

In the “Toilet Freshener” category: Bref Perfume Switch/ Henkel Romania

In the “Sacks, bags and household sheets category”: Fino Teflon black sheet for baking and foil protection oven/ Sarantis Romania

In the “Hair Care” category: Head & Shoulders Supreme/ Procter & Gamble Marketing Romania

In the “Banking Cards” category: Mastercard Young Card (UniCredit Bank

In the “Mobile Banking” category: My BRD Mobile Application/ BRD GroupeSociétéGénérale

In the “Ophthalmic Drop” categories: Dr.Hart Ophthalmic Drops/ Dr.Hart

“Over the past year over 250 products have been entered in the evaluation process and the competition has gradually grown from the FMCG area to new industries such as banking, DIY or Pharma. The red label “Voted Product of the Year®” is a consumer to consumer kind of recommendation, regarding new products that bring innovations in functionality, technology, design or formula “, said MihaelaPaduraru, Country Manager at “Voted Product of the Year® “Romania.

“Product of the Year” is an international concept that honors innovative products, currently operating in 47 countries.

In Romania, the “Voted Product of the Year” is a registered trademark since 2008 and is represented by Media Concept Store, the entity coordinating and managing the activities of the entire project.

Exact Business Solutions, the research company designated to relate with the consumers, conducted the 2019 market survey online, on 28 categories, on a sample of 4814 Romanian internet users, representing the urban population aged between 18 and 54. The error is +/- 1.4%. The study took place between March and May 2019. The evaluation criterions were: innovations, attractiveness & the purchase intent.


Photo credit: WeInvent


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