#AlternativeVoices: Alina Hlușcu, creative newcomer

We’re continuing the series dedicated to our beloved creative alumni that we’ve managed to meet along our school’s journey and develop in a feisty creative family, with ideas and jokes flying around our heads. A place where we often brainstorm is in our #Above106 group, our place for future prospects and projects, a way of working on paying it forward to the younger creatives paving their way into the industry.

Today we’ve got Alina Hlușcu for you, a creative girl whose motivation inspired us and surely will inspire you! Alina has always had a creative soul, but took her some time to realize. Studying Business and working as a Financial Analyst, she hoped she could find her way, but her passion was calling for her attention: drawing. The pandemic is for sure not a happy time, but for most of us was a time of reflection, and for Alina a chance to start believing in her creative drive again.

That’s when she found out about The Alternative School and our local competition for Cannes Young Lions Design. Not only did she like the intensity of it, but she managed to win first place with Linh Pham, forming Protopia, a lovely creative duo with future-forward ideas. Check out their winning portfolio, right here.

  1. What makes you happy at work and beyond?

From my point of view, happines is not generated by one thing. Happiness is more of a state of mind, your energy. If the passion of design is merged with a great team and great opportunities, that’s the energy I am looking for.

  1. A childhood story announcing the creative person you are today.

Sorry to say, but I don’t have such story😊. I never realized that I could be able to do such a thing, especially to be a creative person. If you really like something and you want to work on it, you can become a better “ story” than any talented person who does not work at his talent.

  1. A trend / pre-trend you smell in the air and you would like to embrace & promote.

Unfortunately, I don’t have yet enough experience in this creative world to be able to “ smell “ a trend or a pre-trend, but what I can see at this point is that there is a merge between old fashion trends and new approaches.

  1. An inspiration source that always gets you in a creative mood.

Nature. Nature can be a really good teacher. There is where creativity starts.

  1. A project you’ve done and people had a crush on it.

Not that many projects I had, but one of my biggest achievements is having the winning project for the local Cannes Young Lions contest.

  1. A local brand that make your life brighter, better, nicer.

Sorry to say, but i don’t have such thing. Everything has something special that makes my life brighter, better, nicer

  1. What did you like most about The Alternative School experience?

For sure the vibe, the people, the briefs, and maybe the greatest thing was the fact that I worked with real projects.

  1. What was your favorite talk and why?

There were more than one favorite talk, but one that I have now in mind is the vertical promoting style, explained by Guan Hin Tay.

  1. How did you react when you found out you won?

Well, at that point I was at some friend’s place and in the first minutes, I did not realize until they had to tell me again😊) shocked

  1. What was the most challenging part?

All of it! Everything was challenging.

  1. Why do you recommend this experience?

It really opens your eyes.

  1. Your message for the Romanian creative community:

Become a better person and support the future for new creative generation.

You too can be part of our creative programs! Make sure to check out if registrations are open. For any curiosities and creative discussions, say hi at win@canneslions.ro.

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