Jeanne Liedtka, the author of “Design for Growth” considered to be one of the world’s most influential contemporary business thinkers, Adam Radziszewski – Director of Innovation at Oracle US, Kai Frithjof Brand Jacobsen –  Director of the Peace Operationsat Patrir, Lars Lin Villebaek -Chief Delivery Officer at OpenExO and Educatefor. Life founder and Luca Martini –  Head of Advisory, South East Europe, PwC are the international speakers invited on September 19 to present the most exciting perspectives on Design Thinking concept to the Romanian business community.

Local personalities with remarkable professional journeys will also join the elite speakers club: Nansi Lungu- Behavioral Analyst at BitDefender, Diana Stafie-Future Strategist & Partner at Future Station and Magda Ropotan – Innovation Coach & Partner, Design Thinking Society and cofounder of the Design Thinking Forum. While September 19th is dedicated to the conference content, September 18th will focus on  HR, social, empathy, Customer Experience or AI workshops, carefully tailored for those interested in the design thinking’s practical approach. Catalina Banuleasa, expert in UX, will coordinate an working group on the empathy and artificial intelligence.

The empathy theme will also be addressed by Randy Salzman, professor, journalist, co-author of the book “Design Thinking for the Greater Good”. Because, beyond the concept, Design Thinking is a process, Dragos Gavrilescu and Alina Balan, from Design Thinking Society, will guide their audience through a “learning by doing” experience. Ana Krasovschi, HR Director at Carrefour Romania will address, in her workshop, the topic of human relations. People interested in the HR topic and the associated innovative processes will also be able to access Corina Ghiatau’s workshop.

CX is an intense subject for those who want to grow in business, so Tudor Juravlea – Design Thinking Society si Madalina Vilau – CEO Marketing Insiders Group will focus on mapping customer experiences and resetting them from the Design Thinking perspective.

Divided in two sections- the workshop day on September, 18th and the conference day on September, 19th, the event is designed to answer articulate and up-to-date questions about Design Thinking, addressing both general topics and very specific ones, upon delegates request. The speakers and workshops list will be constantly updated with new names and topics.
In the last decade, the Design Thinking process has become equivalent to innovation, performance and creativity.

In Romania, Design Thinking Forum has an elitist approach on the topic, bringing together, annually, top experts, hundreds of interested participants and  visionary companies.

For the third year in a row, Carrefour joins the event as its the Platinum Partner.

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