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You align your creativity knowledge to the contemporary trends

You train your creative mind and soul in order to be more relevant, useful and impactful for the audiences, via the brands you build.

You understand how fusion communication works and why this is the new job-on-demand.

You have access to the latest awarded work at international competitions

You network with young professionals aiming for the best

You are trained and evaluated by the best in their field

You update your portfolio with work that was curated by experienced evaluators

You have access to a network of remarkable professionals

You can easily improve your performances and apply for better jobs

You can learn, travel and mingle among the best of the best

You become part of a premium network and might qualify for Above 106, the selected group of the best Alternatives Alumni

Let them tell you about their experience


The Alternative School is like a trampoline. It gives you the chance to jump high at the top of the communication industry and then it’s up to you to stay there. I’ll always remember that behind every memorable communication campaign is a fairytale. So, the focus is on the way you choose to speak

– Alex Haidamac.


Before attending The Alternative School I tought the “copyrighter” was a guy who deals with copyrights. One year later, I was studying Graphic Design in Milan and winning Gold at Cannes Lions’ Roger Hatchuel Academy

– Ioana Halunga

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The Alternative School is driving you crazily CREATIVE.

– Alice Mihalache


The Alternative School is so absolutely inspiring. It’s the mother of creative evolution. IT REALLY IS.

– Ana Maria Vasilache


The Alternative School made me sharpen my senses to feel what a great idea can do to you: it can make you feel both a headache and a heartache. It literally hits you. Kaboom!

– Alma Popa

Daniela Buda 2013 - Andrei Lacatus- Low Res

The Alternative School is the place where I took my shoes off and started walking into the advertising world with my bare feet

– Andrei Lacatus


Traditional school is not enough. The Alternative School taught me to be curious & stay out of my comfort zone. It inspired me to be playful and to have a visionary spirit in what I do.

– Ionut Radulescu


Imagine a smaller Internet especially created for Communication people: valuable and diverse know-how, a social network full of virtuous people and most of all, unlimited possibilities to make a buzz. All in all, the experience is not only promised, but also delivered at The Alternative School.

– Alex Strimbeanu


After a busy day, the alternative classes were the perfect energizer. I was always thinking of improving my work applying things I learned there. I had the freedom to be as creative as I wanted, with focus on mindblowing ideas and expressive graphic implementations. It seemed like serious play.

– Razvan Pascu

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Masters of Marketing and Advertising live and teach happily together in an Alternative School for Creative Thinking, which, as stated in its name, challenges, teaches, and squeuzes ideas out of you with a supernatural force. You can join in their new semester and discover the supernatural story yourself!

– Miki Mihai


I like to be challenged! At the Alternative School, every brief was a new challenge. I learned that if I want out of the box ideas, I need an out of the box lifestyle. So I’ve started a different way of life, not based on common sense, with a very good filter.

– Raluca Ciubotaru


It’s an interesting mix between two sides. The competitive one where each team has its own objectives, and the team bit, in which every participant follows the purpose of learning innovative things.

– Lia Bira