Welcome to the Digital Museum, jellyfish people!

Adobe’s seminar in Cannes Lions 2010 was built around the concept of engaging users of the internet in a way that has never been done. They’re trying to give the consumer the best product experience possible (At this rate, we may be able to even touch the products through internet, soon!). The case studies showed some campaigns that managed to do so. One of them was the website for Nissan Leaf that offers a 360 and more experience. The Wired Magazine is another example of product cheerfuly interracting with the user.

The best one of them all, still, remains Adobe Museum of Digital Media. This is a unique concept of a museum that is going to open it’s doors in one month. It’s digital doors I mean, cause the whole structure, though it will look real and futuristic at the same time, exists only on the internet.  Exhibitions will include works that cannot be exploited in an actual museum and the visitor will be represented, on the platform, by a character looking like a combination between a jellyfish and a flower.
adobe museum
Adobe also believe that creativity must be completed by the power to find the right audience at the right time, so their software will, from now, get built-in analytics widgets, for testing and targeting the creative work. We’re moving towards the era of advertising led by the consumer behaviour. Technology is already changing in complete serenity with our needs.

Andrei Lacatus