The Rules of Digital Copywriting

Alan Rosenpan began his worksohp stating that this year, everything is about content and mobile platforms. His expertise is based on direct marketing and his presentation was a quick guide about writing for thne www.
One of the tactics for good web copywriting is making it all short. The shorter you are, the more effective you’re gonna get.
Alan made up a list of rules for copywriting that apply to all types of advertising. Number one rule is to get the auddience’s attention. To do this, you should bring news, solve their problem or be relevant. Next, you should have something important or interesting to say (tell something they didn’t know, they never thought of, or give some help they can use). You should always package the message in a story about the reader because people are much more interested in themselves than in everything else. Writing should be done in a fresh and unusual way and never leave out the emotional touch. When you write, do it with an objective in mind. Use command words and write what you want them to do. Use short simple words and an active language. Write like you talk. The best way to evaluate copy is to read it out loud. Last but not least, make use of design: write vissualy.
Sabina Ionescu, PR team of the year, empowered by The Practice