The Alternative School for Creative Thinking proudly presents #TalentMagnet, the scouting platform servicing remarkable clients and agencies in their quest to find, groom and integrate the best creatives for their 21st century exigencies.


Talent Magnet was born out of the last 18 years of collaborative history with companies, agencies and creatives leading them to success, both locally and internationally.

In its identity are embedded values all leaders hold dear: motivation, focus, innovation, energy, doubled by dynamics & versatility, so relevant for the times we are living in. Here is a sneak pick into its visual poetry alchemic process: Electric blue for that crazy energy. Pastel pink for that heartfelt passion & all things empathy. A magnet of sparkles ready for their journey into creative constellation. A type inspired by Usain Bolt’s athletic posture while forcing the limits of human potential and transforming them into reality. The sweat and hard work ammunition for innovation. Last, but not least, animation as expression tool on the Zetters’ media channels.

As The Alternative School believes in the power of collaboration, dialogue and collective wisdom, invited its followers to have their two cents. The School’s Instagram community eagerly joined in deciding the best logo identity for the mission and you can do it, too.


#TalentMagnet’s first project in 2021 is scouting creatives for a local, independent, ubercool digital agency: an art director, a copywriter and an account manager, plus 2 social media specialists are wanted. For creatives interested in something new, check out our Insta latest posts, you might be starting an exciting new journey soon, working on vibrant local and international brands.

For seniors working in companies & agencies aligned with the contemporary creative and performance goals or if your team needs some help with revamping, we receive inquiries at teodora.migdalovici@canneslions.ro & win@canneslions.ro. Let’s get your company on the right track!



A bit of history behind #TalentMagnet

For almost two decades, The Alternative School has developed a proud crowd of highly educated alumni, generations of talent that have transformed the scene of Romanian creativity and made a buzz in fierce international contests like Cannes Lions, Eurobest, Roger Hatchuel Academy & beyond.

Other than professional competitions & trainings, The Alternative School has been busy linking creatives to brands and companies, building kind & courageous characters, transforming dreamers into doers and award-winning, successful players. Our veterans are thriving in the creative capitals of the world, ranging from designers in New York & Rotterdam, storytellers in Stockholm, branding creators in Paris & Hamburg, innovators in London & Oslo, on their journey to transforming modern communication.

Nowadays, all reputed agencies (from branding to contemporary PR & digital) and clients (from FMCG to banking) are happily employing former alternative students, enjoying results in business growth and creative performance, while increasing good mood and collaborative spirit among teams.

It is time to paint this service into an entity of its own, catering to the new generations of creators, wired for business, with a sound sensitivity for pop culture, a flair for trends, a cosmopolite profile and a lovely personality aligned to all things EQ. And this is how #TalentMagnet was born.