The Alternative School to celebrate its 18th birthday!

The Alternative School to celebrate its 18th birthday!

Scholarship competition leading to major opportunities

Believe it or not, The AlternativeSchool, the pioneer platform in international creativity education, is celebrating its 18th anniversary in 2023. Pure history in the making.
To properly mark the moment, more opportunities than ever are in order, for talents under 30 willing to refine their skills and perform on the global stage.

A scholarship brief is inviting young designers to come up with a new school logo and their typographic interpretation for “18”, the anniversary number. Deadline: 20th of January.

Details on the brief:

Strategists, film makers and marketers under 30 will find a brief for their competencies as well, so everyone is invited to the party.

The perks of coming up with a remarkable solution includes access to Spring Semester leading up with a presence at the 70th Cannes Lions edition happening in June, being preselected for the Portfolio Night, the industry event showcasing and guiding talent by award winning creative directors happening during Cannes Summer, the inclusion in TalentMagnet, the school’s headhunting platform database and a public celebration on the school’s insta.
To set the standards high, the school is launching the competition through the solution created by the talented Adela Vilcan (see more of her work here:
The 3 D animation was signed by another school’s maverick, Rares Chirila, finalist for the Roger Hatchuel Academy in 2022.

A selection of the best typographic interpretations behind the “18” will go to print on the school’s merchandising in 2023.

About the Spring Semester

Happening in March-April on zoom (Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7 to 9 PM) & in person, within a Creativity Day at Mindspace Victoriei, the school is providing top notch training delivered by globally acclaimed speakers. Mohammad Diaa – Ogilvy New York, Partha Sinha – Times of India, Udi Avital – Facebook Tel Aviv, Gorkem Yegin Mert – Instagram UK, Erdem Akan – the enfant terrible of Turkish design, BOB Liuzzo – Milano Design Institute are just some of the cultural shift creators who will teach within the spring semester.

In 2023 Romanian Young Lions will compete in Design. The sponsor of this year category is sort of a Secret Santa: a former student who experienced Cannes Lions and Eurobest more than a decade ago, build a career upon his later international experiences in Stockholm and decided to give back silently, by supporting a new team to its quest for the Lion trophy.

Stay tuned for news in January: MEDIA, FILM, MARKETERS or PR categories might be announced as well.

For those willing to enroll skipping the scholarship competition thrill, access fees are available (Early bird – until January 31st: 150 E + VAT, individual application /300 E + VAT – team of 2. After January 31st, the attendance fees will be 300 E + VAT, individual application & 500 E -team of 2.
For details, get in touch at or over whatsapp: 0744 10 50 15.

Here for all the answers, after the winter holidays, from Jan 3rd on.
Until then, have a perfect 2023, all of you.