June 23

June 23

More and more people, from all over the world, many passionate by  advertising and especially by creativity,  are transforming the halls of the Cannes Festival Palace into a very crowded place, so crowded that you can’t move. Today, 23 June 2011, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of David Ogilvy. The seminar dedicated to the advertising father, was held by Sir Ken Robinson, a real lecture about creativity sustained with humor and words of wisdom. The seminar ended with ... Read More
Grand prix-Design

Grand prix-Design

An unquestionable prize, this year’s Grand Prix went to USA  for Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.The opening of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve 2010 was one of the more highly anticipated hotel openings in recent Las Vegas history. Digital Kitchen approached the portals as digital canvases and the entire resort as a curated art gallery. They  invented a ... Read More


The second day of festival and many famous personalities of the advertising industry: Malcolm Gadwell, Mathew Willcox, Tim Armstrong  represent just a few of them.The BBDO seminar taught us the archetypes screens and DRAFTFCB talked about sience of creativity. A very interesting seminar with Matthew Willcox and Jonah Lehrer. The awarding ceremony has brought us so much joy, ... Read More

Sunday was a bright day

The Festival just started. It’s Sunday morning and I already feel like everybody is here to give and offer “tones” of experience, creative insights and fun. I’m here for the Young Marketers Academy so I’ll be your inside man when it comes to Young Lions and Young Clients. The Academy started with everybody introducing themselves, ... Read More

First day at the Roger Hatchuel Academy

Met a lot of new and interesting people close to our age today at the presentation. Got to see bits of their work and share interests and stories lateron. Insightful seminars on quality strategy with Michael Conrad and mindscapes. Met a lot of new and interesting people close to our age today at the presentation. ... Read More

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1st edition of Eurobest Academy

For me Eurobest experience is a “kebab story”  with lots of flavours. A last month of the year, full of new beginnings. Inspiring people, awsome places, fresh and interesting perspectives in form of seminars, each one had it’s contribution to a spicy adventure in the world of international advertising. Eurobest 2010, is all about stories, and ... Read More

Reset Generation

Emerging from the concepts of generation X,Y and Z, Erich Bader and Kendra Hatcher from Initiative , have developed a research focused upon how the recession changed the young generation of consumers named Reset Generation. The main aspect of the research was how did young people between 18 and 25 respond to the recession and ... Read More

Remember Cannes with Mark Tutssel and Alex Schill!

Mark Tutssel and Alexander Schill spoke  about the best 2010 Cannes Campaigns. Mark  emphasized upon the power of an idea owned by people. He told us  about the brands that aren’t competing within their own category but with popular culture itself. Check out: 1) Gatorate – “Replay” 2) Johnnie Walker –“ The Man Who Walked ... Read More

Hamburg here we are!

Can’t wait for the festival to officially start… I have my eye on the Print Plus Workshop  and on Nick Brian’s How technology is democratizing creativity.Young creatives already started working on their brief and the Eurobest Academy Students  also started. I counted the  the hours until 4 PM. Eurobest here we come! Nico Ivascu-  team ... Read More

Dentsu rocks!

I think this was the first seminar that almost made me cry. No, it wasn’t because of the bad english shown by the speakers of Dentsu, Japan. The reason was this ad, screened in memory of one of their colleaugues, who passed away two years ago. Enjoy it before continuing this post. Moving on, i ... Read More

MDC Partners: How To Build An Agency From Scratch

Legendary creative directors Chuck Porter and David Droga showed their work and talked about how to start and build a successful agency and, hopefully, become famous and rich. Chuck Porter presented his agency, how it started and what to look for if you want to be successful. He was joking that the best time to ... Read More

Adobe Museum of Digital Art

Adobe’s presentation wasn’t a WOW as I expected. In the begining we’ve seen some interactivity made with it’s tools for the iPad and some words about the new Flash 10.1 and it’s succes. In the future will be more and more present on the mobile devices. One interesting thing presented was the digital museum, that ... Read More

Saatchi & Saatchi

The opening of the show started with the “surprise” they announced as a guest. In the auditorium was dark, and on the scene appeared Paul Arden, former creative director for Saatchi and Saatchi, which passed away in 2008. What they did was a hologram I supose. Next followed a series of videos created by people ... Read More

Welcome to the Digital Museum, jellyfish people!

Adobe’s seminar in Cannes Lions 2010 was built around the concept of engaging users of the internet in a way that has never been done. They’re trying to give the consumer the best product experience possible (At this rate, we may be able to even touch the products through internet, soon!). The case studies showed ... Read More