The Happines Factory campaign has a central ideea of communicating their message:”tangible experience-tangible products”.They try to create a more appropiate relation betwen consumer and product.Speaking about design concept as a main visual message,I noticed how motion graphics,product design(the vending machine),graphic design can have an impact for consumers.It’s about making an interactivity betwen target and product. ... Read More


After attending this seminar I believe that I should erase some of my social media accounts or make them somehow even more personal(option-friends only). You should be very thoughtful when writing something about yourself online because an employer can always look you up as fast as your saying “Google” and find embarsaing things about you ... Read More

The death of the creative director :)!

The LBI seminar was a summary of  all the confrences about changing trends in marketing, I attended post financial crisis. In order to survive the creative director needs to adapt to the new context. We  all know what that is:  emerging channels with fragmented ownership, all-over-the place audiences and people who distruss the channels the ... Read More

Sapient & Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola spoke during this seminar about their latest campaign using vending machines. The advanteges of this new medium is that it offers a great way of reachig the consumer, by leaving him the freedom to generate the content.  A simple tranzaction can be turned into a great experience. The 3 categories: Mail content, Movie Content ... Read More

WGSN-Decading youth

This workshop was verry relevant because it communicates the importance of evaluating and understanding target.The youth target in this case is analized from all points of wiew,in a large sense,the style of life.An important aspect is the relation betwen internet and future young generation.We spent most of our times on the internet,we have virtual platformes ... Read More

David and Goliath

Here it is one of the most tempting seminars this year at cannes: David Plouffe and his story about the way he built from the scratch what will later become one of the most remarkable political marketing campaign in our times. Since David is working on a book about the 2008 Presidential election entitled The ... Read More

Cannes Lions Programme of the Week

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Our values The Mission of the school The Vision of the school To whom we do not speak To whom we speak ? Visual Craft cialis effect on blood pressure cialis heart when should i take cialis cialis everyday dose cialis overnight maximum cialis dosage cialis proper dosage cialis 20 mg side effects what is ... Read More