Fingers Crossed!

So we just finished our presentation for the Young Lions Media Competition and are now finally able to catch one small breath before tomorrow’s big presentation.

The brief we had to work on was written by the great team from Peace One Day, a non profit organization that stands behind The International Day of Peace, adopted by all 192 members of the UN. We were truly left speechless yesterday when the client himself – Jeremy Gilley – entered the room and spoke to us about the marvelous things his organization does for man kind. We were inspired by this man who traveled the world, helped the poor, organized manifests, concerts and football championships, all of this to promote and ensure sustainability for The International Day of Peace.

So he asked us to come up with a compelling media strategy in order to promote The International Day of Peace to a number of 50 million young people from around the world. We think it is a challenge that rose to the occasion. We hope we did too!

The thing is, just by being here we already felt like winners and wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who made these things possible and stood behind us all the way.

We’re off to the first award gala now, keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow!

Catalina & Simona, Young Lions Media, empowered by Impression.