Young Creatives under 30, willing to improve their creative abilities and explore European creativity are welcomed.

The semester includes creative trainings on contemporary briefs with senior awarded individuals and competitions evaluated by high-ranking professionals.

This semester is always taking place during fall. The best people qualify for Eurobest (, the festival dedicated to European Creativity.

The Alternative School students attended Amsterdam, Antwerp, Lisbon, Hamburg, Stockholm editions of the festival.

Ask some of the previous winners about their Eurobest experience:


7 years ago I had the amazing opportunity of traveling to Hamburg, in December 2010, and participate in the Young Creatives Integrated Campaign competition.
I was still working as an Editor in Media when I first received the scholarship to The Alternative School for Creative Thinking. I didn’t know much about advertising, but I was driven by curiosity and passion for words.
Looking back, it has been, by far, one of the most enlightening experiences, one that has taught me great lessons such as the importance of a powerful team, what kind of mentorship I should be looking for, and last but not least, what is an “international standard” – seeing work from Norway, Germany, England, France, I got a sense of how to think, how to present and how to sell.
If it wasn’t for The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, I really think it would have taken me more years to discover all that.
Chapeau for the opportunity, it has truly been a carrier starter.

Andreea Strachina, Creative Director, Kaleidoscope Proximity


The Alternative School is not the ordinary place where you go, sit at a desk and imagine yourself learning about advertising. No. At the Alternative School you go and get things done, you wake up in the middle of the night and you start resolving creative briefs. You write down 10.000 ideas and don’t stop until you found “the one”. And it’s worth it, because being the best is the greatest reward.

– Mirela Podea, Senior PR at Ogilvy



When I went to Eurobest, participating as Young Student, I found myself in quite an awful appearance. But then again, is that moment when I realized that all creativity needs structure and timing. And planning and logic. It was in Stockholm, where Eurobest 2009 was held, that I got into my senses that inspiration comes actually from something, not from air, luck, good hair day or God.

 Ana Maria Vasilache, Copywritter at Grafitti / BBDO


The school experience is uplifting. It challenges you, forces you to become more structured, organised and sharp, while stretching your fresh thinking membranes. My Eurobest experience in Helsinki was both inspirational and revealing. The competition was a cold shower; the seminars’ content was fresh and the networking around the famous Finnish salmon soup proved creativity is everywhere, in the digital world as well as on your plate.

Robert Capraru, Digital Creative, Atelieru


Teo is such an amazing and inspiring person! It was great to have the opportunity to attend the fall semester and eventually to qualify for the entire Eurobest experience. The Alternative School promotes creativity in the best possible way, I enjoyed it thoroughly and would recommend it to anyone who wants to push the limits of creative thinking!


 Ivan Janičić Westerveen, CD at Publicis Belgrade

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Adina Stanescu

Copywriter, Cohn & Jansen JWT

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Wanda Hutira

Designer, Ostra Berdo