Young Creatives under 30, willing to improve their creative abilities, perform at international level and explore the latest knowledge in worldwide creativity trends, via Cannes Lions (www.canneslions.com).

The semester includes trainings with senior awarded individuals, working on the briefs, followed by experts’ feedback and final 24h competition evaluated by high-ranking professionals.

This semester is always taking place during spring. The best people qualify for Cannes Lions (www.canneslions.com), the festival dedicated to worldwide Creativity.  Besides general info about creativity trends, each year focuses of specific disciplines, depending of the Young Lions competitions where Romania is accepted.

Along the years, our students enrolled in Roger Hatchuel Academy, the Storytelling Academy, Young Marketers competition, Young Lions cyber, Young Lions Design, Young Lions Print, Young Lions Media, Young Lions PR.

The Alternative School students attended the last 11 editions.

Ask some of the previous winners about their Cannes experience:

Ada Musat Dada – copywriter, Publicis

linkedin-3-512 copy

Filip Gonzacenco – Art Director Ogilvy

linkedin-3-512 copy

Alexandra Bombita – Copywriter, Leo Burnett

linkedin-3-512 copy

Silvia Gradinaru – Copywriter Ogilvy

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Mara Cristina, Roger Hatchuel Academy

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Raluca Cojocaru, Roger Hatchuel Academy

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Ionut Radulescu – Graphic Designer in NY

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Andra Badea – Art Director, Visual Artist

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Ingrid Viulet – Brand Manager Grolsch

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Pedro Americo – Senior Art Director

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Andrei Chirisi – Art Director

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