Context: In the last days of January 2017, the newly appointed government of Romania issued, in the middle of the night, a decree decriminalizing some forms of corruption, by modifying the Penal Code and Procedure. Huge street protests followed, some against the Government, some against the President. With over 350.000 people in the streets of Romania, the country was in turmoil.

1.1. For those aiming for YL Film, create a short movie (30 sec max) that would put the crowd energy to work, actively, not reactively. It‘s consequence should offer a constructive direction for the entire population, so the people can all create, united, the bright future they all hope for Romania, without waiting in vane for the politicians (left or right) to make it happen. The huge energy of the crowd can be put to work in a positive, more efficient way. By solving the brief, you are invited to find that solution.

1.2. For those aiming for the Young Clients competition, develop a strategy, instead of a 30 sec movie.

For all competitors: Find a brand to endorse your film / strategy and this positive social movement.

2.1. For those competing in YL Film, post it on you tube and send the link before March,1.

2.2. For those competing in YL Clients, send your strategy in a 2 page max at, by March, 1.

Potential challenges: if asked independently if they are open to constructively start a project for their country’s better future, people would usually answer “I am too small to count”,”I am powerless and too insignificant to make a difference” or “I am busy”. The reality is, just streets protests, when things are too bad to bare, are not a long term solution. The conflict between political parties is dividing society in an unhealthy manner and the society is not ready to cure this wound by itself.


Language used: Romanian or English for the film, English for the strategy.

If you prefer Romanian for the film’s voiceover, please use English subtitles, so the international jurors can understand the meaning. Using voice over is optional.

Deadline: 1st of March

Participation: Idealy in teams, but for those willing to apply individually, the competition is also open.

Eligibility: people working in film, production, marketing, advertising, pr and their related industries that are 30 or under.

The winners (2 teams) will receive a full scholarship at The Cannes semester.

The shortlisted (next 3 teams) will receive access to The Alternative School for Creative Thinking classes, with a 50% discount and the next 3 teams – 20% discount.

For the rest of the competitors, the fee for attending the Cannes Lions semester is 250€.