Behave, mr consumer!

The people from Aegis have built their seminar today around the idea of creating a connection with the consumer, through advertising. They say a TV ad can be turned into ideas that work into the lives of their customers. One good example for that is the “Lurpak Saturday” campaign. Attention! Don’t watch it if you’re hungry.

The impact that a brand should make over it’s consumers must last longer in time. Tell them something and they will forget. Show them and they will understand. Involve them and they will act! The secret, then, is to have campaigns that get people to behave in a certain way. One example for this theory is that of Reebok Run Easy. The insight was the fact that not everybody runs until they spit their hearts out. Some really do it because they enjoy it. So Reebok created something for this group of people. I’m talking about a community platform where everybody can post their favourite run maps, share photos of cool places they see while running and upload playlists with the music they like to have in-ear while the feet are moving.

Enjoy, and behave!

Andrei Lacatus