A day full of highlights

I’m a tad upset with the Microsoft Lounge at the Palais de Festivals, because i wrote a long an interesting post about what happened today and I didn’t get to publish it because of some errors over there. Mr Gates, I’m very upset! 🙂

Anyway, I’m going to repeat some of it now. I’m sure you’ve seen the work my colleagues already posted today, so I’m just going to summarize the list of stars we’ve seen today, together with a short impression about each:

In the morning we went to the Mofilm seminar, where we saw special guest Jon Landau, the producer of both Avatar and Titanic. We were a bit starstruck while listening to this powerful man who had to deal with those huge budgets and numbers we can’t even think about. It was interesting to imagine the possibilities of a technology similar to the one applied in Avatar being transported into commercials. We’ll surely be able to interact with products on a more complex level soon.

Then the Kraft Foods seminar took it’s turn, with special guest Spike Jonze, who is a phenomenal film, commercial and music video director and stands behind many things I’m sure you’re familiar with. He spoke about the importance of connecting with the people independently of the form of motion picture you are in charge of. Sometimes us advertisers take ourselves a little bit too seriously and forget that, in the end, commercials have to also speak to people who are not in the industry. He pointed out the importance of saying NO sometimes and doing what you like, because it is only so that you can put passion in every project and be sure it turns out right. As to the decision making – leave it on your gut – Spike suggested.

The highlight of the seminars was, of course, Mark Zuckerberg. I’m not going to post another photo because all my other colleagues did and I can confirm he was there in person. As I am a huge Facebook enthusiast, it’s natural that i wanted to see and listen to the young CEO of this great company and product. Although i was charmed by the fact that Mark spoke very spontaneously and professionally in the interview, i must say i lacked maybe a little sense of humour and interaction with the audience. I think he was afraid of taking any kind of chances so he stuck to the things he knew best. All in all, at the end of the seminar, I understood what it is that makes this young man what he is today – he is in fact very bright and has a great sense of business flowing through his blood.

The last but definitely not the least favourite activity today was the workshop with David Droga and Craig Davis, along with their guests. Altough I could end this post here because having said these names must be enough for everyone, I promised a summary so here it goes:

C. Davis  showed us his latest project called Brandkarma, an interactive platform where consumers can vote, rate and discuss brands they use in order to establish which brands on the market are good and which are bad, and ultimately make a shift in the brand behavior so that they can all turn to the good side. Very poetically, he asked us to do this for our future children in order to leave them in a world full of corporately responsible brands.

D. Droga did not prepare an actual presentation but I really enjoyed listening to him talk anyway. He also insisted on brands that give something back to society so I’m leaning to think this is now beginning to be really important :). Most of all, I admire his passion that lasts still after many (and i mean many) years of advertising, and I really believed him when he told us “We can change the world people!”.

That’s it from us today, I thank you for reading and wish you a good evening.

Catalina & Simona, Young Lions Media, empowered by Impression.